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  • Jason Hesley

XOTH: Seattle extreme metal futurists to release vinyl edition of "Interdimensional Invocations"

Seattle technical extreme metal futurists XOTH are set to release their sophomore LP "INTERDIMENSIONAL INVOCATIONS" on vinyl via DAWNBREED RECORDS. Xoth II has established the quartet as one of the most outlandish and ungraspable technical metal entities to appear in the underground in recent times. Grandiose and flawlessly unpredictable, "INTERDIMENSIONAL INVOCATIONS" is an intimidating display of compositional eccentrism, otherworldly technical mastery and of mind-bending fretwork annihilation that will draw the listener into a warped and kaleidoscopic maze of mutated and futuristic heavy metal wizardry. The band's sci-fi themed aesthetic and lyrical content just adds an extra layer of insanity and depth to their already hyper-developed compositional complexity, constructing an otherworldly, shapeshifting and warped soundscape made of impossible sonic objects, unsettling musical ubiquity, and disorienting fractal song structures. With influences ranging from Voivod to Atheist, Bal Sagoth, Death, and various forms of power and progressive metal, the core to the band's sound is a critical mass of constant motion always on the verge of implosion that cyclically restabilises itself into slower lysergic dirges before condensing and collapsing again in a constant motion of compositional chaos and creation/destruction that rips the listener's senses to shreds. The new vinyl edition of "INTERDIMENSIONAL INVOCATIONS" has been scheduled for release on NOVEMBER 20TH 2020. Pressing info: 100 - Black vinyl 100 - Crystal clear vinyl 200 - Sea blue with transparent magenta 200 - Galaxy - green/black

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