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  • Jason Hesley

Absinthe Green 'Dead Before My Eyes' out 10/5/24!

Absinthe Green began in 2016 as a personal project of songwriter and producer Eirini 'Absinthe Green' in Dortmund, Germany. The completion of the songs for the debut album coincided with a move back to Greece in late 2019, where Absinthe was joined by drummer Harry Mason, bassist Villy Pirris, and herself on vocals and guitar, transforming the project into a full-fledged band. Subsequently, Panos Economakis was the latest addition, fulfilling the band’s line-up by assuming guitar duties, completing the ensemble.

Since then, Absinthe Green has been making waves, releasing several singles from their upcoming album and gracing the stages of headlining shows and festivals across Greece. Their music, a rich tapestry of Absinthe's influences and life experiences, is a captivating fusion of pop elements, aggressive guitars, groovy drum rhythms, and a versatile vocal range.

Now under the wing of Reaction Management, the band will be re-releasing a couple of singles to introduce them to a wider market over the next few months, starting with "Dead Before My Eyes".

 'Dead Before My Eyes' (re-release)

is out 10/5/24 across all platforms!

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