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 ABOUT: Toxic Metal Zine: 

Toxic Metal  Zine is an online and print Heavy Metal Zine  started by Jason Hesley in  2016. This Zine is not only designed to bring you the latest news in the metal/hardcore (all sub genres included), but also to give you insights as to why metal heads think like they do. Along with news will be editorials, reviews, ticket and merchandise giveaways and an online radio station.  


Jason Hesley is a former on-air personalty who worked at 106.9 WWSU radio from 1999-2004. He interviewed many metal bands from around the world (Soulfly, Type O' Negative, Dimmu Borgir, Anthrax). He worked with radio personnel from record labels such as Victory Records, Century Media, Metal Blade, and Roadrunner Records. After finishing up his time at WWSU Radio, Jason promoted metal shows and a festival known as Bloodfest which featured artist such as Psyopus, Malevolent Creation, Origin, and Twelve Tribes.

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