Album Reviews

Wolfbastard: Hammer the Bastards:3

You all know what to expect from a crusty black metal album, or black punk metal, black n’ roll, whatever it’s called. Filth, perversion, alcohol induced vomit and extreme sonic torment. Wolfbastard is a band that certainly knows all that. They’ve studied all of these lessons and passed the test with flying colors. Wolfbastard keeps to the tried and tested patterns throughout. Most of this, their third, album is a clear homage to blackened crust punk. At times, they slide down into simplified black metal, of the second wave provenance.  The album is absolutely energetic. Filled to the brim and exploding with megatons, straight into your face. Furthermore, it is rhythmically diverse which is a rare occurrence in this musical style. Wolfbastard kicks 2022 of viciously!

Seven Nines and Tens: Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers: 2

Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers still features the sounds on which the band made their name. The album features some new stylistic touchstones, such as 70's hard rock, classic rock, and jazz styles. Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers marks the first time that band founder/songwriter David Cotton wrote lyrics/sang vocals on a Seven Nines and Tens record. This isn’t an epic album when it comes to length. Although it has epic tracks like Let’s Enjoy the Aimless Days While We Can and Sunshine. No, this is a tight and concise listen without a second of wasted time. The overall appeal of the album makes this an early standout release of 2022.


Obscura: A Valediction: 3

Obscura return with their 6th album. “A Valediction” delivers OBSCURA into a new era of extreme metal. ‘Forsaken’ features all the peaks, flourishes and complexity that you expect from this band. ‘Solaris’  features a relentless pace and non-stop musicianship. ‘Devoured Usurper’ channelis some early 90s death metal.  Obscura delivers as always. Irrespective of having a very complex and rich sound from the start, ‘A Valediction” is a very mature yet diverse soundscape of the band.

1. Not so Good
2. Solid
3. Good
4. Excellent