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  • Jason Hesley

NOXIS: Cleveland death metal purveyors to release new album "Violence Inherent In The System"

Hot on the heels of brilliant debut EP, "Expanse of Hellish Black Mire", Cleveland death metal quartet NOXIS spews forth the "Violence Inherent In The System" debut LP, an eleven-song concatenation of talent and brutality.

"Violence Inherent In The System" is due out on June 28th, 2024 via Rotted Life (US) and Dawnbreed Records (Europe).


01. Skullcrushing Defilement

02. Blasphemous Mausoleum for the Wicked

03. Paths of Visceral Fears

04. Abstemious, Pious Writ of Life

05. Torpid Consumption

06. Excursion

07. Horns Echo over Chorazim

08. Violence Inherent In The System

09. Tense and Forlorn

10. Emanations of the Sick

11. Surfin’ Blood Futile (physical edition bonus track)

By and large, the underground is a constantly thriving realm that is always spitting out new talent on such a scale that is simply magnificent to gaze upon. When one name pops up to gain the attention of the masses, there's a litany of others that are birthed out of the void that may become of note the future.

For many, the darkness of the underground is all they'll ever know while some rise above it to become a massive name in their own right. Others, however, are able to gain quite the following but still find themselves absolutely thriving in the darkness of obscurity.

As one of those notorious creations, Ohio's NOXIS has been wreaking havoc in those very shadows for a few years now, but it's with the forthcoming album, "Violence Inherent in the System", nothing short of staggering in every standard.

Convulsing death metal of the most sadistic sort, this is the sort of absurdity that comes for the very light of creation. Nothing is left to chance as the brand of death metal with which NOXIS wields with terrifying efficiency no matter how they go about it as the whole of the eleven tracks that adorn "Violence Inherent in the System" showcases time after time just how far this act has already come in hardly no time at all.

Where in previous works like "Expanse of Hellish Black Mire" we saw NOXIS take confident steps forward, every given moment of this creation is a tedious labor that craves only the flesh of its victims and to peel apart the souls of those caught in its clutches. As infectious as it is intense from beginning to end, this is a creation that fits perfectly within the deep crevices of the underground where only the strong survive, climb, and thrive!

Nothing can keep NOXIS from pursuing its blood-drenched destiny, not even a wild change in tone and approach that we see in the album's finale. As far as we should be concerned, "Violence Inherent in the System" is the magnificently victorious offensive that sees NOXIS not just coming out on top, but coated in the blood of the weak as a titanic figure rises amongst the carnage.

This is but of the first assaults that NOXIS will unleash upon the masses with "Violence Inherent in the System", and what a sight it is.

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