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  • Jason Hesley

VASS/KATSIONIS New Album Announcement, Release Date & Tracklist!

The progressive metal project of Billy Vass and Bob Katsionis, based in Athens, Greece, is proud to announce their sophomore album with the title “Cynical Silence.” The Digital and CD-Digipak release date is April 7th, 2023, via Symmetric Records. The album artwork was created using the latest development in Artificial Intelligence technology: The band imported the entire album’s lyrical content into the OpenGPT chatbot, providing them with the proper prompt to use on Midjourney. The result was an image that resembles 100% the lyrical and musical concept of “Cynical Silence.”

Tracklist: 1. The End Of Innocence 2. Restless Seeker 3. Cynical Silence4. Vengeance Is Mine5. Radical Realist6. A Day Without Loss (for Nora)7. Invisible Thread8. Answers9. My Island Is Home

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