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  • Jason Hesley

US slammers Cleansing of the Temple release their Rottweiler Records debut, The Devil Knows My Name!

Newly signed to the extreme metal powerhouse of Rottweiler Records, South Carolina’s Cleansing of the Temple are set to build on the formidable foundations they have laid down with their previous releases – 2023s In The Garden single and the previous year’s bruising Slam 4 The Lamb EP. The time has come for a full length debut album and with The Devil Knows My Name this five piece band, comprised of vocalist Gavin James, guitarists Dustin Duvall and Matthew Clark, drummer Rasheen Johnson and bassist Randy Smith, have carved out a monolithic testament to their utter devotion to high intensity, high impact slam death and deathcore. Brace yourself for nine tracks that will tear your world apart…

From the simmering tensions and promises of pain to come of intro piece, ‘Farther Along The Valley’, to the magnificent climax of the harrowing epic that is album closer ‘Where Does Darkness Dwell When We Open Our Eyes’, The Devil Knows My Name is an album without respite. There is no rest, no turning back once this trip through incendiary rage and cataclysmic devastation has begun. From the rolling riffs of ‘Piss ‘n’ Spit’ to the deranged and venomous ‘Abwoon D’Bashmaya – A Time For War’ which descends into a slow death of howling feedback and soul-shaking drum beats, everything feels designed for the punishment of the pit. This is hard, physical music that will test you to the limits. Other highlights include first single, ‘I, Afflicted’ – a lurching, violent beast in its death throes – and ‘Stained Glass Blues’ featuring Brayden Gibbs of Candescent, but in truth The Devil Knows My Name is best experienced as one skull-crushing assault, from start to breathless finish.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Glenn Gizzi, a founder member of hardcore/metal band Phinehas, The Devil Knows My Name benefits from a shockingly vivid sound palette that deftly harnesses the searing intensity inherent in these songs. Every blow lands with bone-breaking force and intimidating intent. Rottweiler Records will push the button on July 12th, launching this payload of power at dedicated fans of the extreme worldwide. Prepare yourself for a new onslaught from Cleansing of the Temple!

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