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SWARMAGEDDON is a metal band from Besançon (France) formed by Marion in 2015. Mixing aggressiveness, atmospheres and melody, the music of SWARMAGEDDON explores a universe both dark and epic, at the crossroads of oldschool and modern metal. In 2018, the group released their first EP "An Infinite Landscape" and performed concerts in the east of France, while working on their first album. Entitled Inhuman, this album written during the year 2019, wants to be more direct and composed for the live than its predecessor, and develops a cyberpunk theme.

Album : Inhuman

Tracks :

01 : Silence (intro)

02 : Of A Billion Screams (Vocal Feat « Trivette » ex-Kronos)

03 : Death Traps

04 : Brave New World

05 : Blood Stained Origami

06 : The Fall

07 : Reanimation

08 : Die and Retry (Outro)

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