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Stellar Remains - Australian Death-Metal Project Share Entire New EP "Wastelands"

Brisbane-based death-metal solo project Stellar Remains, created by Dan Elkin, has just shared his entire debut EP  "Wastelands", just two days ahead of its worldwide release set for Thursday, February 15th via Gutter Prince Cabal Records. The full EP is now playing at No Clean Singing, who had this to say about the release: "The music revealed in those first two tracks is massively heavy in the low end, heavy enough to feel like the earth is shaking itself apart, and replete with cold abyssal roars and unhinged, mind-scarring howls."

Dan Elkin offers the following comments about the EP: "Wastelands is an exploration of themes of existentialism, the depth of human consciousness and individualism all set against a cosmic backdrop. Progressive in nature, songs may shift from swampy death metal, to savage black metal to interstellar ambience all in the span of one song. The intent is to take the listener on a journey and asks them to look inwards as much as they look to the stars for answers."

On this debut EP, Stellar Remains stretch out into the formless void of the cosmos and explore the expanse through vast soundscapes. Propelled forwards into the unknown by progressively minded death metal one man cosmonaut Dan Elkin looks towards the stars and beyond. There is equal parts terror and wonder to the unknown and “Wastelands” balances both these elements with an experienced hand to take the listener on a thrilling journey.If you crave for a slice of powerful, intricate and diverse death metal with some furious and bone-crushing rhythms, then Brisbane’s Stellar Remains might just fill that void for you with their first release "Wastelands".

Pre-orders are are now available here:

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