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  • Jason Hesley

Set Sail Into The Stars With EREGION's New Video "Earendil Star" Off New Album "Non Omnis Moriar" Out May 2024!

Heavy/power metal band Eregion is set to captivate fans again with the release of their new single, "Earendil Star". This highly-anticipated track offers a powerful blend of distinctive power metal tones, coupled with the band's signature epic flair, promising a gripping musical journey.

As a precursor to their upcoming album"Non Omnis Moriar" slated for release on May 24th, "Earendil Star" is a rather fast song that talks about Earendil navigating space after his ship gained the power to fly. The sound of this song is epic, melodic, powerful, direct, and battle-starved where lyrics are inspired by history (especially the one of the Vikings) and by fantasy (nonetheless by the writings of Tolkien). For fans of Ensiferum, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Crimson Glory, and Manowar.

As a prelude to the spring album launch, Eregion introduces a refreshed lineup, welcoming Dario Fontana as the lead vocalist and Davide "Gengis" Gianforte as the bassist, injecting renewed energy into the band's sonic landscape.

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