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  • Jason Hesley

BLACK WATER SUNSET to release complete recreation of lost ‘CONTROL DENIED' (CHUCK SHULDINER) demos.

Progressive death metal project BLACK WATER SUNSET are set to release a complete recreation of lost CONTROL DENIED demos.  ‘WHEN MAN AND MACHINE COLLIDE–A TRIBUTE TO CONTROL DENIED’ is a complete recreation of the demos of what would have been the second CONTROL DENIED album. Due to the passing of Chuck Schuldiner and the technical limitations of the recording equipment he used, the demos were never completed.  Apart from a leak in 2004 and a few handwritten sheets of lyrics, until now, no material was ever released. 

Each demo was transcribed and re-recorded note for note.  Vocal melodies were written based on lyrics and song titles from Chuck Schuldiner’s handwritten notes that surfaced in 2021. BLACK WATER SUNSET hopes to offer a glimpse into what could have been, aiming to stay as true as possible to what the band believe Chuck’s vision was for this release. The recordings feature guest musicians Berzan Onen’s vocals, Fabio Alessandrini (ANNIHILATOR, ENFORCER, RAVEN) on drums, FREAK KITCHEN’s Matias IA Eklundh on guitars, ANNIHILATOR’S Rich Gray on bass, and additional drumming from James Knoerl (AVIATIONS, BLOOD THRONE). 

Set for release on May 13th to coincide with Chuck Schuldiner’s birthday, there will be no sales of this work, the band are giving this to listeners completely free through their bandcamp and Youtube channel as a tribute to a true Metal legend.  

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