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  • Jason Hesley

Sijjeel to release "Affiliation Of Horrid Containment"

The moment that last guttural, tongue contorting syllable left my lips I was undone. Before the lingering taste of dust and bone had faded from my mouth those I had awakened, invited in from the darkness, were upon me, around me, within me; a riot of delirious devils, an onslaught of teeth and blood and pain beyond imagination. My pathetic expectations of control were shredded with my flesh and my eternal soul was dragged down, submerged in a screaming crimson madness of fire and grotesque visions of depravity that made my own countless sins seem naught but the petty games of a cruel and vindictive child…

There are many bands that play death metal, working within the accepted defining forms of the genre, sculpting the musical tropes into agreeable, even accomplished forms. Then there are the rare few, those who reach through the veil to worlds beyond and grasp the suppurating, corrosive essence of the horrors that lurk outside the walls of human understanding. Such is the tainted darkness of Sijjeel and the terror infused abomination that is their second full length album, Affiliation Of Horrid Containment. After the swarming, fractious insanity of the instrumental intro has gnawed at the nerve endings, the door back to the light is slammed violently shut – and the world explodes. A wild torrent of nightmares pours from the guitar of Hussain Akbar, punctured by the bone-shaking bass of Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth, Placenta Powerfist etc), while the cavernous voice of Floor van Kuijk (Focal Dystonia, Korpse etc) bellows from the black. ‘Torment Upon Their Existence’ delivers punishing, discordant blows while ‘The Congregation Under Shade’ is a glorious, fear-filled slide into a seething, hungry night. The jarring ‘Infallible’ has wandered far from the path of reason and first single ‘Relinquished Unto Thee 14’ is part rabid attack, part lumbering monstrosity and all brain-scouring agony. At every turn Affiliation Of Horrid Containment unleashes new dread leviathans of impossible malignant magnitude. Since Hussain Akbar brought the ancient and unspeakable spirit of Sijjeel from its desert home to establish a new nest upon European shores it has flourished, its power growing greater with each passing day. With Affiliation Of Horrid Containment ready to be unleashed Sijjeel’s ultimate domination is inevitable.

Mixed and mastered, as always, by band vocalist Floor Van Kuijk at his renowned GLDCHN Studios (A Pretext To Human Suffering, Carnifloor etc) Affiliation Of Horrid Containment sounds utterly staggering in its twisted force and tortured atmosphere. The shocking brutality and ghastly, panic-inducing presence that permeates every second of this album makes for a listening experience like no other.  Artist Rudi Gorgingsuicide (Perveration, Desecrate The Faith etc) has once more created a scenario of sickness to accompany Sijjeel’s music, his stunningly realised vision of torment putting the final seal on this work of warped wonders. Comatose Music will shatter the chains of binding on July 5th and release Affiliation Of Horrid Containment into the world…and nothing can prepare you for the hell that is Sijjeel!

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