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  • Jason Hesley

Hardcore Outfit Freya Releases New Single "Fight As One"

Today, hardcore heavy hitters FREYA have shared the title track from their upcoming album, Fight As One, due out September 22nd via Upstate Records. As the band approaches its 20th anniversary of their first release, As the Last Light Drains (Victory Records, 2003), FREYA have returned to their roots with pulverizing force. Stream the track HERE: Freya comments: "From our perspective things are undeniably and unusually chaotic in recent times. “Fight as One” is an acknowledgment of that reality. Lyrically the song is about how hard times strengthen the true friendships. Freddy Madball put the jewel in the crown on this track for us with a block of hard-hitting lyrics and one of the most powerful voices in all of hardcore."

FREYA are joined by three legendary hardcore front-men on their newest album; Freddy Cricien (MADBALL) delivers a crushing performance on the title track, Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) seethes on "Sense of Doom" and Scott Vogel (TERROR) drops the hammer on "Thousand Yard Stare".

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