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  • Jason Hesley

ETHEREAL FLAMES Tell Tales Of ‘Myths And Legends Of Our Land’

Throughout Myths And Legends Of Our Land, Ethereal Flames weave tales that range from the legendary Guerin Meschino, the knight errant enchanted by the Sibyl, to the legendary figure of the Sibyl herself, protector and finally avenger betrayed by her protégés. Their narrative extends to the tragic story of Laura di Farneta, unjustly accused of witchcraft, and to the mysterious journeys of the Holy House of Mary, to the point of recalling the decisive battle of the Metauro and the wandering destiny of Pilate.

Each song is a story in itself, woven with threads of ancient narratives and reflections on existence, on struggle, on love, and on defeats and revenge. This narrative approach enriches the music with an emotional involvement that allows listeners to fully immerse in the stories, experiencing each song as a personal journey.

So, it's not just epic battles and ancient legends that find voice in their songs. Also tormented and tragic love stories find space, narrating the events of Paolo and Francesca, killed for a forbidden love, and of a girl lost in grief over the murder of her beloved.

Deep lovers of heavy metal in its various declinations, Ethereal Flames naturally chose this genre as their field of expression and an initial approach centered on a classic heavy sound. The vision evolved soon towards the adoption of a rich symphonic component, to give their pieces a greater depth and epicness. The symphonic arrangement does more than just providing a backdrop; rather, it intertwines and dialogues with the metal section, creating a sonic experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. The rhythm section with electric guitars, bass, and drums blends with orchestral elements to create moments of pure aural ecstasy, where each note seems to transport the listener on a journey through legends and myths of our land. The fulcrum of musical creation becomes the narration of stories and legends that have their roots in their land, the Marche, a territory rich in history, myths and legends.


01. Desperate Girl | 02. The Holy House | 03. Metauro's Battle | 04. Restless Knight | 05. The Witch Of Farneta | 06. Two Sad Lovers | 07. The Queen Sibilla | 08. Pilato's Lake

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