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  • Jason Hesley

Embers Ignite to release "Visions Of A Dying World"

Embers Ignite, the one-man metal project from Derbyshire, UK, has just released their second EP titled "Visions Of A Dying World". The EP, which is now available on all major music platforms, features 5-tracks of crushing brutality and groove-laden melodic death metal. Taking influence from death, thrash, groove, and melodic death metal, Embers Ignite is known for their signature sound that has garnered a loyal following among metal fans. The project was started in September 2022 by Rick Hayward, with the debut self-titled EP released in March 2023. Since then, the band has released an epic reimagining of Rainbow’s classic “Stargazer” in June 2023, and a faithful rendition of “Behind Space” by In Flames in October 2023. Writing has already started for what will become the project's first full-length album, which is set to drop in 2024. Fans of Embers Ignite and metal enthusiasts alike won't want to miss out on "Visions Of A Dying World".

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