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  • Jason Hesley

DESOLATE SHRINE to Return with "Fires of the Dying World"

Finnish death metal trio DESOLATE SHRINE will reemerge from the crypts with their newest offering, Fires of the Dying World. Dark Descent Records will release the album on CS, cassette, and digital formats on March 25. Vinyl treatment coming later this year. At long last the successor to 2017’s Deliverance from the Godless Void has been unconfined from the clandestine vaults of Dark Descent Records. Aptly titled Fires of the Dying World, Finland’s DESOLATE SHRINE delivers 46 minutes of their unique death metal possession. The masterful craftsmanship on DESOLATE SHRINE’s fifth album is unmistakable; a true portrait of a band at their absolute peak. Yet be forewarned before indulging from the poison chalice of Fires of the Dying World for it ensnares its victims in an inescapable maelstrom of death and futility. Absolute surrender is the recommended response, as you descend into a claustrophobic trance that erases the world around and reaches into your very soul. When you awaken… nothing will be quite the same again… Let the fires burn. Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Echoes in the Halls of Vanity 3. The Dying World 4. The Silent God 5. Cast to Walk the Star of Sorrow 6. My Undivided Blood 7. The Furnace of Hope

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