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Demons My Friends premiere their new album, "Demon Seem to Gather"

Updated: Sep 7, 2023


“The surreal, apocalyptic imagery matches the dark and downbeat vibe of the sludgy track. Think fuzz. Think riffs. Think drop-tuned heaviness.” — Decibel Magazine As heavy music continues to evolve and shape-shift, new sounds emerge from future leaders of new genres and nothing is more apparent that the forthcoming debut album by Demons My Friends heralds the arrival of a major force to be reckoned with. Demons Seem To Gather, the Austin, TX trio’s debut full length is a powerhouse hybrid of drop-tuned grunge riffs, doom structures, soaring melodies, groove-laden rhythms and psychedelic harmonies. Sonic touchstones include Monolord, King Buffalo, All Them Witches,Soundgarden and Baroness, among others, but the band’s musicianship transcends most genre trappings.

Demons My Friends is comprised of members of Fellowcraft (Washington, DC) and the well-known Mexican Rock band QBO (Mexico City). Demons My Friends was born during an impromptu recording session at SXSW Festival 2022. The concept of the band explores the inner journey its members have embarked on since the onset of the COVID pandemic, confronting inner demons and battling anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and rage, while teaching themselves how to turn these demons into their "friends." Demons Seem To Gather was produced and mixed by Jeff Henson (Duel, Greenbeard, Spirit Adrift, Clutch) and mastered by Alberto de Icaza. The band has performed at Mexico Metal Fest and SXSW. They plan to tour Mexico, US and Europe in 2023.

Demons Seem To Gather will be available on LP, CD and download/streaming on September 8th, 2023 via Gravitoyd Heavy Music. Pre-orders are available HERE. FFO: Katatonia, Clutch, Crobot, Kyuss DEMONS MY FRIENDS IS: Lu Salinas – Bass/Vox | Tarro Martinez – DRUMS | Pablo Anton – Guitar/Vox

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