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  • Jason Hesley

Brazilian black metal band 7PELES releases new album “O Terceiro Evangelho do 7PELES”

In a release filled with severe criticism of Christianity, the Brazilian black metal band 7PELES officially presents its third album to the world, entitled “O Terceiro Evangelho do 7PELES”. The album was very well received by specialized critics, being considered the best national black metal album according to Valtemir Amler, journalist for Roadie Crew, the biggest metal magazine in Brazil.

The album was recorded and mixed at the renowned HR studio, located in Rio de Janeiro, and was produced by Kleber França, a producer who already worked with big names like Planet Hemp and Pitty.

And as much as the band is relatively new, it has three complete albums in its discography, namely “O Primeiro Evangelho do 7PELES” released in 2019, “O Segundo Evangelho do 7PELES” from 2020, and now, “O Terceiro Evangelho do 7PELES”, released in 2022.

About the production of the third album, the band comments:

The pandemic actually locked us in the studio... there were no more live performances, all we had to do was compose! Perhaps that's why the second and the third were released so quickly... if you stop to think about it, 7PELES is a new band, approximately 5 years old, and already has 3 albums released”.

And when it comes to the lyrics, the concepts addressed by 7PELES are always straight to the point.

“The lyrics, in fact, are a rereading of the old book of lies... anyone who's been following 7PELES closely for some time has noticed that. The name of God is used to steal, to exploit the good faith of the people, especially the humblest.

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