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  • Jason Hesley

Severe Torture Inflict Peak Punishment on New Single!

Severe Torture unleash another brutal beating on Torn from the Jaws of Death, their upcoming sixth album. Today, the veteran Dutch band are releasing its third single, which grinds and twists into a raw pinnacle of death metal.

Listen to "The Pinnacle of Suffering":

Torn From The Jaws of Death comes out June 7 on Season of Mist.

With all the sublety of a warhammer, Severe Torture hit upon the purest, most ferocious strain of brutal death metal. Torn from the Jaws of Death emerges from the grim embrace of Torture Compound Studios, where it was sharpened to diabolic perfection under the fiendish expertise of Mendel bij de Leij.

On "The Pinnacle of Suffering", Severe Torture wields the macabre like a rusty chain. Marching to a blistering beat of drums, these death masters drag you into a shadow world where no one can hear you scream. 

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