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  • Jason Hesley

American melodic heavy metal band EMERALD EYE release debut album "Night Without Day"

Emerald Eye - "Night Without Day" track list:

1. Tabula Viridis

2. Winged Woman

3. Silken Throne

4. Revenge of the Being

5. Whirlwind

6. Feast and Famine

7. Hellstar

Emerald Eye band members:

Brett Scott - Vocals (Vanlade)

Nick Poffinbarger - Bass (Vanlade)

Nolan Weber - Drums (Vanlade)

Vinnie Lee Camarillo - Guitars (Ex-Vanlade )

Christopher Ashlock - Guitars (Alsatia)

Vocalist Brett Scott comments:

Hello world! We're Emerald Eye from Kansas City and we are thrilled to unveil our debut full-length, "Night Without Day".

With this album, we aim to please fans of heavy metal of the traditional / melodic variety, and we feel like we've presented an eclectic blend that we can call our own, featuring elements of power metal, speed metal, progressive rock, 70's hard rock, and who knows what else.

Fans of older bands like Queensrÿche, Dio, Riot, and Rush should find something to like here, as well as any fans of the newer school of heavy metal.

Streaming will be available on all major services immediately, and physical copies are TBA (any labels interested in distribution, please reach out).

This is just the beginning, so give us a follow and we hope to catch you all in the future.

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