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  • Jason Hesley

Zombie Metal Outfit DOMINUM Unleash a Dramatic New Music Video for “We All Taste The Same”

Rising German power metal band DOMINUM have released an official post-release music video for their delicious song, “We All Taste The Same”! Cut from DOMINUM’s debut album, Hey Living People, released in late 2023 (and which entered the Official German Album Charts), the track’s theatrical atmosphere shines through the new music video by Witzki Visions.


DOMINUM is currently in the middle of a full European tour with Feuerschwanz and Orden Ogan, with many of the 20+ shows already completely sold out. In June, the band will join legendary Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson on his German solo dates – majority of the tickets for the tour are also already gone, so get yours fast. Check out the dramatic music video for “We All Taste The Same” below and order your copy of Hey Living People now if you haven’t yet!


Dr. Dead on “We All Taste The Same”:

“Hey, Living People, we're living in a world where everyone tells you it doesn't matter where you come from, what you wear, or what color your skin is. But you know as well as I do - it really DOES matter. This is where my beautiful zombies come to play - they couldn't care less - they'll eat you up anyway because - WE ALL TASTE THE SAME“

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