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  • Jason Hesley

ZEALED’s New Single “Divination” Is An Adrenaline Rush Of Black Metal And Deathcore!

Ritalo, USA’s independent music project Zealed is thrilled to announce the release of their potent third single “Divination”. Known for their unique blend of symphonic black metal and melodic deathcore, Zealed's latest track promises an intense, fast, and brutally melodic experience that will draw in listeners. The band shares what people can expect:​​“Musically it offers a thrilling experience with rapid tempo shifts, an abundance of riffs, and slow, but intricate breakdowns. Lyrically: Same with lyrics, it’s like someone slammed a bunch of energy drinks and destroyed what was left of a brutal song, in a good way!”

“Divination” was the second collaboration between instrumentalist Christopher Marron and vocalist Chris White on a track. They wanted to switch things up from their last single, yet maintain the same cohesive sound. This single is a key release leading up to Zealed’s forthcoming EP “Eschaton”. The EP will feature all of the band’s previous releases, meticulously remixed and remastered to ensure a consistent and powerful sound throughout. This collection will bring the Eschaton era story of Zealed to a close, setting the stage for the band to explore new musical directions in the future.

Zealed was founded in late 2019 by Marron as an instrumental side project aimed at exploring audio and recording production. The initial instrumental release garnered positive feedback, prompting Marron to elevate the project by incorporating a vocalist. This led to the inclusion of White, who brought his expertise in lyrics and vocals, thus transforming Zealed into the powerhouse duo it is today. Zealed is recommended for fans of Bleeding Through, Lorna Shore, and Chelsea Grin.

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