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WITCHROT Release Teaser For Experimental Documentary 'Witchrot: Live in the Hammer: The Movie'

"Sometimes the line between fantasy and reality is itself a fantasy." Sizzling, soulful and bewitching, WITCHROT is gearing up for their latest offering Witchrot: Live in the Hammer, due out for its international release March 10, 2023. Following the release of the album, the band will release their new experimental documentary "Witchrot: Live in the Hammer: The Movie," due out Spring 2023. The film will feature live footage of the band recording their album, intercut with images of Hamilton (both modern and archival), punctuated by the iconography of horror films. The goal (of the film and trailer) is to paint a poetic impression of Hamilton, balancing realism and fantasy, revealing both the good and the bad, which in turn reflects the album's goal of making music that is both beautiful and putrid. Watch the new teaser trailer here: The band comments: "Hamilton seemed like the perfect place for us to record a live album -- a dirty rock n roll band playing in the grease trap of Ontario. It's an almost mythical place, both dingy and beautiful, a geographical reflection of our music. That was the impetus for “Live in the Hammer: The Movie”. It’s a whole experimental concert movie/documentary, live footage mixed with tons of old archival material and grindhouse stuff. We hope the trailer gives an idea of how crazy it's gonna be." All sleaze and psych, Live In The Hammer has the fuzz fueled quartet playing in the grease trap of Ontario. Smoky vocals overtop mesmeric psychedelic doom fill the room to the brim. Pre-orders for Live In The Hammer are available HERE. Shortly after the release of Live In The Hammer, the band will hit the road in Canada in support of the album. Their tour kicks off on March 31st at the Ottowa House of Targ and wraps on May 13th at Sudbury Townhouse Tavern. Full dates below. Tickets can be found HERE or purchased at the door of each venue.

  • March 31 Ottawa House of Targ

  • April 1 Sherbrooke Murdoch

  • April 2 Montreal Turbohaus

  • April 13 London Richmond Tavern

  • April 14 Sarnia Mauds

  • April 15 Hamilton Casbah

  • May 11 Toronto Hardluck

  • May 12 Barrie Infinity Zero

  • May 13 Sudbury Townhouse Tavern

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