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Watch Velcrocranes' official video for their latest single, "Afterlife Pt. 2"

Liza, the band's guitarist, reflects on the inspiration behind "Afterlife Pt. 2", saying, "The university years were a time of reckoning for us, a period when we had to strip away our naivety and confront the stark realities of life." The song draws heavily from existential literature, such as the works of Camus and Sartre, echoing the existential dread and the search for personal meaning amidst the societal pressure to conform. Liza encapsulates this sentiment by stating, "‘Afterlife, Pt. 2’ is a testament to the internal struggles we all face, offering a message of solace that it's okay to carve out your own path in pursuit of what truly resonates with you."

The transition from a jazz ensemble to a progressive rock outfit marked a significant evolution in the band's musical identity. This shift is vividly reflected in "Afterlife Pt. 2", where the complexity of jazz is harmoniously blended with the emotive power of progressive rock. The band's embrace of intricate musical techniques like polyrhythms and modulations has enriched their sound, leading to the creation of a track that is as technically impressive as it is emotionally compelling.

Since their debut EP, Velcrocranes has undergone a profound musical transformation. "Our journey from 'Afterlife' to 'Afterlife Pt. 2' has been one of self-discovery and artistic refinement," Liza remarks. The band has honed its unique sound, characterized by a blend of aggressive riffs, captivating melodies, and innovative song structures.

The production of "Afterlife Pt. 2" was not without its challenges and moments of serendipity. Nikita, the band's drummer, shares an intriguing anecdote about the guitar solo that features mid-track, inspired by Riverside's 'Love, Fear and the Time Machine.'

"We aimed to capture that 'fat' guitar solo sound, which led us to double-track our solo, achieving a sound that, to me, is just perfect," Nikita explains. The track also includes unique elements such as a bass tuned to A flat and a variety of snare drum tunings, contributing to its rich sonic landscape.

Recorded and mixed by a team of skilled professionals and featuring artwork by Carl Glover, "Afterlife Pt. 2" is a meticulously crafted piece that resonates with fans of Porcupine Tree, Riverside, and Pain Of Salvation. The track not only showcases Velcrocranes' musical prowess but also offers a deep, introspective look into the human condition, making it a standout addition to their upcoming album.

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