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  • Jason Hesley

VVON DOGMA I Shares Drum Playthrough Video For “The Void”

VVON DOGMA I is known mainly for its wow factor as an avante-garde progressive metal band with a 9-string bassist helmed by frontman and band founder Chaoth (ex-Unexpect). But today, the band presents its complex, challenging, and at times even unsettling music with a playthrough by drummer Kevin Alexander and his skill to weave each drum hit to the thrilling ride of the track "The Void" that is from the band's latest album "The Kvlt of Glitch" released this past May.

Watch the drum playthrough via its premiere on TechnicalMsuicReview HERE.

Drawing influences from Radiohead, Meshuggah, and Deftones, Vvon Dogmai I has carved out a unique sound that blends complex rhythms and haunting melodies. Ringleader and bassist Chaoth (ex-Unexpect) quotes that the band’s sound is him paying tribute to the wide assortments of influences that he’s had in his life from 90's alternative and nu-metal to modern electronic and ambient music and everything in between. He continues to explain:

“It's very freeing in a way to be the main songwriter because you don't really have to fight for your ideas, whatever goes so, it's a glimpse of my psyche. Lyrically it's very much fueled by dark feelings that have been following me my whole life. Very personal yet vague as f*ck. This whole project, these songs, this sound, it's been living in my head and computer alone for too long but now I'm just happy and proud to finally bring this project to life.”

Currently, Chaoth does most of the writing before drummer Kevin Alexander and Yoan modifies the structure and adds attitude with the drums and guitars and then it goes to the studio where Blaise Borboën adds like a million layers, very synth-heavy. Hours of trial and error lead to the final polished result. Like sculpting, they just play with it until it looks like something.

Vvon Dogma I is an experimental and challenging display of musical prowess and creativity. They are recommended for fans of Deftones, Sleep Token, Meshuggah, Igorrr, and Unprocessed.

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