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  • Jason Hesley

Vulcanodon Phazer returns with a new album 'High On The Fly!'

Vulcanodon Phazer, the unconventional psychedelic doom metal band, is set to return with their latest album "High On The Fly!" The new album, presented by Bud Metal Records, is a continuation of the jam album set started with "Sorcerers of Avalon". It showcases a modern take on vintage improvised psych, with theremin leading the melodies and vocals drifting in the haze of the high tempo stoner/desert rock soundscape.

The album is a unique blend of off-kilter rocking party tracks and smoky, spacey instrumental jams, making "High On The Fly!" the brightest and fastest Vulcanodon Phazer album to date. Fans of Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and other classic '90s fuzzed-out desert scene bands are sure to appreciate the heavy, super-saturated guitars that crackle at the front of the mix.

The band is joined on this album by Charlie Handsome on lead guitars and backing vocals. This time around, each instrument has been layered on top of the initial improvised drums and guitars recorded in December 2022. The result is raw channeled psychedelic doom that is totally unwritten and unrehearsed, a testament to the band's cannabis-infused sonic alchemy.

An advance Bandcamp release is available now at The full album will be available on all other digital/streaming platforms starting August 18, 2023.

Mel of Doom-Charts, Doomed and Stoned, Sunday’s Heavy Tunes remarks: “Totally different is the weird sound of VULCANODON PHAZER, who with high-speed-desert -psych-doom "High on the Fly!", give their sound the only true name.”

Bud Metal Records comments on the album's unconventional production: "This new VP album was created in a very unorthodox way. A hybrid of improvised guitars and drums, with other instruments added over time to form concise songs out of the smoky haze. We are proud to present 'High on the Fly!' to the world."

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