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  • Jason Hesley

Trendkill Inc. celebrates the positivity of Metal with the new single 'Metal Man'

From the musicians' perspective, this new song reflects the diversity that defines Trendkill Inc. and their current approach to metal. "It's a tribute that dignifies the lifestyle known as Heavy Metal. It represents our diversity well and how we approach metal today, with a lot of positivity and far from political or other segregations. It's one of those catchy songs that make you headbang and realize that there is still quality music outside the mainstream."

With a powerful chorus that sticks in the mind and a memorable, captivating riff, Ivan Santos commented, "Here comes a new anthem of Heavy Metal. At least for us and our fans, that's how we feel. I hope others enjoy the music in the same way and agree with us (laughs).

In its early stages, "Metal Man" had lyrics written by the band's former vocalist, addressing a car accident where a man was trapped in the wreckage. With the current lineup, many changes were made, and most notably, the original lyrics were transformed from something negative to something positive: a true ode and tribute to Heavy Metal.

"We are a vast community of individuals dressed in black, united at shows to enjoy, have fun, and share positive energy!" commented Diego Veras.

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