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  • Jason Hesley

Torture Of Hypocrisy to release "Humanufacture"

HUMANUFACTURE album is the 4th studio album by Polish industrial groove metal band TORTURE OF HYPOCRISY founded in 2007. The release is an essence of the band's ultra-modern style and sound compiled with mastery of tracks composition. Album is representing the 7-string guitars mastership with groove drumming, concrete bass, challenging growls and screams, and strong vibe of electronic ambience inspired by video games such as Deus Ex series or Cyberpunk. The conceptual layer was to show a metaphorical picture of recreating and reprogramming a human entity in modern society - human which turned to be a battery for GDP fed by fake news and social programs like Chinese "Social credit system". The record features also the unique, almost 10min long industrial masterpiece titled "Body Parts Reproduction Facility”. HUMANUFACTURE is the new quality in the meaning of industrial metal, redesigned to be based on atmosphere, heaviness, severity and interesting composition, instead of techno-like music played by thousands of bands in this genre. As always, the band delivers a full top-tracking album with no-throwbacks policy. The official sponsor of this record is Mayor of Braniewo.

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