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Third album by Finnish hippie metal superstars Egokills out now!

In a world of ever-shortening attention span, persistence is scarce. Finland’s Egokills have been around for twelve years and are ready to present another album of high quality hard rock and metal. Four years in the making, EGOKILLS delivers a wild mix of ingredients ranging from thrash metal on Sweat to post rock on Grey Rainbows, grunge on Feeble and progressive metal on Dormant.

”We have a selfish way of creating music, as we only want to please ourselves. At the same time we know we’re not the only people in the world enjoying this kind of music”, drummer Vilho Rajala says.

The previous albums Creation (2014) and Mellowhead (2018) have brought Egokills on three European tours, the first one supporting Lordi in 2018. More touring and playing festivals is the number one priority for Egokills in 2024.

The band takes pride in carrying the torch of quality rock tradition: playing music together in the same room with real instruments and real amps. It is exactly this approach that the band takes on stage as well. When Egokills plays live, it relies completely on the magic of the moment.

”Every time our music is played anywhere, every time we play together, even every time we see each other is a gift. Love is at the heart of making music and we are all about amplifying that love.”

EGOKILLS album was produced by Matti Lötjönen, whose earlier work includes three albums by Huora, the latest of which hit number 1 in the Finnish official charts. Olli Anttila worked as a vocal producer for the most part of the album and produced the song Utopia entirely.

The genre police have had a hard time with the previous Egokills albums and this hardship will continue with the third album.

”Back when we grew up, we used to expect bands to transgress and they did, too. These days people seem to expect just more of the same and everybody has to fit into a box. Egokills will never fit into a box.”

Listen to the album on music services:

Janne Selo – vocals Niko Viita-aho – guitar Pasi Viitala – guitar Mika Pusa – bass Vilho Rajala – drums

Upcoming gigs:

Oct 7th 2023 Lost in Music, Tampere, FIN Oct 21st 2023 Bar 15, Seinäjoki, FIN

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