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  • Jason Hesley

Theatrical melodic metal band ENDLESS EXAM releases their debut album - new video out now!

Finnish theatrical melodic metal band Endless Exam has released new single and music video from their upcoming album. It's a horror movie -influenced dreamlike song from the album to be released by Inverse Records in May 2023.

Endless Exam backgrounds the song: "The lyrics of the song is about a world led by better people, where the value and contribution of an ordinary person has no meaning and they can only be used as part of the machine. Their only goal is to be able to just give orders and give the author belief that they are being heard. However, without these parts, no machine runs. The ordinaries start to resist and the world imagined by these better people starts to fall apart. They realize that nothing works without these ordinary people. They are the basis of everything and if their value is not taken into account, the machine will not run either."

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