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  • Jason Hesley

The 26th-anniversary vinyl reissue of Ancient Wargod's "When Darkness Rises..."

"When Darkness Rises..." is not just a milestone in German Black Metal; it's a chronicle of Ancient Wargod's evolution from the early '90s underground scene. The album's 26th-anniversary vinyl re-release commemorates the band's journey from its inception as Morpheus, through various transformations, to its apex in the '90s. Celebrated for its vigorous and authentic Black Metal sound, the album garnered significant acclaim, sharing stages with genre stalwarts like Gorgoroth and Mystic Circle, and achieving critical success with features in prominent metal magazines. Despite the band's split in 1998, their legacy endured, leading to a reissue that includes newly remastered tracks, a live intro bonus track, and completely redesigned artwork by Akinakes. The story of Ancient Wargod is marked by both triumph and tragedy, their flame of creativity and innovation in Black Metal burning brightly yet briefly. This re-release through 98Records on November 24, 2023, serves as a tribute to their lasting impact on the genre.

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