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  • Jason Hesley

Swedish Black Metal Band SHINING Releases Third Single, “Fidelis Ad Mortem”

The day has finally come to drown the world in a mesmerizing, inescapable darkness, as iconic Swedish depressive black metal band SHINING have unleashed their brand-new self-titled studio album today! Formed in 1996 and centered around mastermind Niklas Kvarforth, who is known as one of the most controversial and musically brilliant artists in the black metal scene and beyond, SHINING present their eleventh offering that proves the unit even darker than ever before.

The album release arrives with a third single, entitled “Fidelis Ad Mortem”, that features nothing less than a brilliant guitar solo by King Diamond virtuoso Andy La Rocque, who is also responsible for producing, recording, mixing and mastering Shining in his Sonic Train Studios. “Fidelis Ad Mortem” conjures a sinister, discomforting atmosphere that will surely be loved and feared alike. Slowing things down with reduced instrumentation and intense vocals, the song creeps its way into the listeners’ guts, causing harm and relief at the same time. Together with a visualizer that perfectly fits the mood of the new song and album in general, SHINING will drench this planet in a sulphuric void you can’t escape.

Niklas Kvarforth on “Fidelis Ad Mortem”:

“’Fidelis Ad Mortem’ is a song that was partly written by myself all the way back in 2001, but somehow always felt weirdly out-of-context to the vision I had for this band back in those early days, and thus, therefore never deemed suitable of being a part of any of the last nine records that followed. However, now, when SHINING finally are having a more or less stable lineup, the band convinced me that we should at least try to record it, while Andy La Rocque gave myself a boost in his role as our producer, which was something I desperately needed in order to take that necessary step backwards and fall blindly into territories both treacherous and unknown.

And I am glad he did, so that this unorthodox piece of Anti-Humanitarian Art can finally be unleashed publicly and hopefully go on to inspire you all. Finally, it so happens that Andy actually found this particular moment of productivity so inspiring that he ended up recording the two solos as well, showcasing his patented skills in a remarkably fiery way, the way only he can.”

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