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  • Jason Hesley

SUPREME CONCEPTION drop the new single "The Post-Humanist Delusion"

Prepare to be blown away as Supreme Conception, the Prague-based purveyors of technical death metal, unleash their latest sonic masterpiece upon the world. On October 20, 2023, the band released their epic single, "The Post-Humanist Delusion," marking a significant milestone in their musical journey.

Originally conceived in 2006 as a one-time collaboration project, Supreme Conception quickly garnered attention for their own blend of technical brutal death metal, drawing influences from early pioneers such as Decrepit Birth, Suffocation, and Hate Eternal. After the release of the "Liturgy Of Spiritual Disturbance" EP in 2009, the members pursued other musical ventures, notably in the acclaimed band Heaving Earth.

In 2019, the vocalist Michal Kusak and a new guitarist Martin Meyer (Heaving Earth) revived Supreme Conception as a regular band, enlisting the formidable talent of Aaron Stechauner (Interloper, ex Rings of Saturn) on drums to craft new material and embark on a new chapter. The change in lineup ushered in a shift from brutal death metal to a more contemporary version of technical death metal.

Their 2021 EP release, "Empires Of The Mind," marked their triumphant return to the scene, setting the stage for their latest offering, "The Post-Humanist Delusion." Clocking in at almost 12 minutes, this epic single showcases Supreme Conception's evolution and innovation within the genre. Infused with orchestral arrangements and propelled by the technical prowess of an expanded lineup, including bass wizard Tomas Ledvina ( Heaving Earth ) and (studio/session) drumming from Eugene Ryabchenko ( Fleshgod Apocalypse ), "The Post-Humanist Delusion" represents a significant step forward for the band on multiple levels.

With this new standalone single, Supreme Conception sets the stage for their highly anticipated debut full-length release, currently in the works. Fans of bands like Inferi, Archspire, and First Fragment are in for a treat with "The Post-Humanist Delusion," a monumental offering that solidifies Supreme Conception's place at the forefront of the technical death metal scene.

For more information on Supreme Conception, including updates on releases and tour dates, follow the band on social media and visit their official website.

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