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  • Jason Hesley

SPREAD THIN Wipe The Floor With Aggression And Hostility In “Factory Job” Off Upcoming Album “World of Snakes” Out July 2024!

Spread Thin is Wisconsin, USA’s explosive hardcore quartet and they are set to release their hostile debut full-length album “World of Snakes” on July 26th. In anticipation, they are premiering today, the video single “Factory Job”, a gritty and succinct look at the band’s unique blend of powerviolence, grind, and sludge that will draw in new fans and please existing ones. The band had this to say about the single:

“Working in a factory sucks. It’s very straining on your body, tedious, and downright cruel sometimes. You may end up working one for years and years until boom one day you get to retire. By that point, your body will more than likely be so worn out you don’t get to enjoy life at that point. This song is just a venting session for anyone out there who has had it, and damn near at the point where sanity is getting hard to maintain.”

“Factory Job” encapsulates the dynamic and speed fluctuations that define “World of Snakes”, and offers a powerful introduction to the band’s sound and sets the stage for the subsequent singles. Most songs on this record were written in a live atmosphere, with riffs and ideas developed together as a band, and Spread Thin aims to create an aggressive record with no filler, and they believe “World of Snakes” achieves that goal.

The band's relentless practice and dedication to a tight rhythm section, cutting through chainsaw guitar tones and barking vocals, ensure their live shows are a must-see for any hardcore fan. They are recommended for fans of Weekend Nachos, Gel, and Spy.

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