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  • Jason Hesley

SONS OF ARRAKIS Share New Single "High Handed Enemy"

SONS OF ARRAKIS have released a fresh taste of their new album Volume II with their new single "High Handed Enemy".Volume II is 'due to be released on June 7th, 2024, via Black Throne Productions. Check out the latest track HERE

Of the track the band shares: "High Handed Enemy," channels an atmospheric and contemplative ambiance. This track explores the human journey of overcoming deep fears and emotions through reason and rationality."

"With a slide guitar provided by Francis Duchesne, the song masterfully contrasts mellow verses with explosive, harmonized choruses with vocal harmonies and dynamic shifts to create a multifaceted composition."

The band further states: "Volume II is a departure from the intricate compositions of Volume I, presenting a more straightforward yet captivating musical expression."

Rooted in the Sons of Arrakis sci-fi desert rock tradition, Volume II ventures into progressive territories with syncopated signature riffs, more complex bridges, well thought transitions and harmonized guitar elements."

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