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  • Jason Hesley

Sliptrick Records Welcome Finnish Metal Group PANSSARITUHO!

Panssarituho is a Finnish death metal trio, formed somewhere in 2019. Everybody wanted to play a more raw and faster style of music than they had played in their previous bands. The band soon wrote a few songs which they performed in English. But it just was not quite right. After a couple of months, the group decided to go with Finnish and change the band name to Panssarituho. Now everything sounded perfect and the songs got that extra aggressive feel.

From the start, the idea was to make things by themselves and soon Panssarituho recorded their first demos. They were made with just five microphones, so the production value was really raw. But it was a start. Soon after that, there was so much new material that the band decided to record a full length album Loputon Teurastus. It was promoted widly and got also recieved positive feedback. A year after Loputon Teurastus, Panssarituho started to record the new album Sanansaattaja. Drums were recorded in their new place and guitars/bass were recorded at home to save time. The new album is once again an upgrade to the previous album, both in song and sound quality.

Panssarituho are a vicious squad in live shows. They hope everyone listening to their music gets that good feeling, the feeling you get when the music hits you right in the sweet spot.

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