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  • Jason Hesley

Sons Of The Nether Release Video For The Siege OF Zara!

Ottawa/Gatineau blackened death metal Sons Of The Nether (formerly known as Misshapen) announce the release of a music video for the song The Siege Of Zara.

The Siege Of Zara retells an episode of the beginning of the 4th Crusade. The siege of Zara was the first major action of the Fourth Crusade and the first attack against a Catholic city by Catholic crusaders. The crusaders had an agreement with Venice for transport across the sea, but the price far exceeded what they were able to pay. Venice set the condition that the crusaders help them capture Zara, a constant battleground between Venice on one side and Croatia and Hungary on the other. Although some of the crusaders refused to take part in the siege, the attack on Zara began in November 1202 despite letters from Pope Innocent III forbidding such an action and threatening excommunication. Zara fell on 24 November and the Venetians and the crusaders sacked the city. After wintering in Zadar, the Fourth Crusade continued its campaign, which led to the siege of Constantinople.

The Siege Of Zara is the second single from Sons of the Nether’s upcoming debut EP And All Was Forgiven, released on April 19, 2024.

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