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  • Jason Hesley

Serbian Heavy/Speed/Thrash band JENNER has released a lyric video for "Never Say Die"

Serbian Heavy/Speed/Thrash band JENNER has released a lyric video for "Never Say Die", the third advance single from their upcoming second album, "Prove Them Wrong". Scheduled for release on January 24th, 2024, through Fighter Records, the album will be available in CD and Digital formats. Fans can watch the new lyric video on YouTube.

Following the re-release of their first album "To Live is to Suffer" in various formats, JENNER, comprising Aleksandra Stamenkovic (aka Alexandra Lioness) on vocals and guitar, Anja Mirkovic on bass, and Selena Simic on drums, entered the studio in February 2023 to record "Prove Them Wrong."

The tracklist for "Prove Them Wrong" includes:

  1. No Time For Prayer

  2. Prove Them Wrong

  3. Born For Something More

  4. Down in the Pit

  5. Not Even You

  6. Eye For an Eye

  7. I Saw it All Clear

  8. Never Say Die

  9. Laws of the Weak


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