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  • Jason Hesley

Sanity's EP "Throne" is a symphonic metal work inspired by the Book of Revelation!

"Throne," the first song on Sanity's latest EP "Revelation," is a symphonic metal track inspired by the biblical Book of Revelation. The song melds black and death metal roots with expansive symphonic arrangements, featuring choirs, orchestral instruments, and a diverse vocal range that includes growls, shouts, clean vocals, and power metal highs. The EP, a concept album, depicts the apocalyptic scenes described in the Book of Revelation through five majestic songs. "Throne" showcases varied guitar work, from melodic riffing to quadruple-tracked rhythms, and versatile drumming that includes double bass and progressive metal rhythms. Recorded at Soundforge Studio, "Revelation" was produced by Sanity and Andreas Hilbert, who also handled recording, mixing, and mastering. The EP's sound is characterized by its richness and depth, with over a hundred audio tracks, including numerous vocal and orchestra layers. "Throne" and the entire "Revelation" EP cater to fans of Arcturus, Obtained Enslavement, Throes Of Dawn, and Rhapsody, offering a grand and immersive symphonic metal experience.

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