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  • Jason Hesley

PROTOSEQUENCE Launch New Song, "Sam"

Canadian tech-death crew PROTOSEQUENCE has shared the latest single off their forthcoming new album, Bestiary. "Sam" marks the second single from Bestiary.

Bestiary is a seven-track auditory expedition through the complex realms of technical death metal. The band's relentless pursuit of tech death excellence is evident in each track, with precision and dexterity that defy the constraints of traditional metal. From the mind-bending complexity of the instrumentation to the intricate interplay of melody and aggression, Bestiary stands as a testament to their mastery of the craft.

Bestiary will be out on April 5 on Lacerated Enemy Records. Pre-order at:

Stream the album's first single "Neither Fair Nor Foul" at

Bestiary track listing

1. Sam

2. Baroness, Pt.1: A Falling Knife

3. Baroness, Pt.2: The Handles We Reach For

4. Imlerith

5. The Caveat

6. Neither Fair Nor Equal

7. Twelve Ropes

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