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  • Jason Hesley

Progressive death metal project EIGENSTATE ZERO to release album 'MACHINERY OF NIGHT'

'MACHINERY OF NIGHT,’ the second full length album from one man progressive death metal project EIGENSTATE ZERO, is an extreme metal album that is as outside the box and alien as it is abrasive and unforgiving. The album’s dark atmosphere is highlighted by moments of unbridled insanity, going from face melting death metal to mind expanding progressive passages in a way that nearly defies logic to the sense of sanity yet keeps it battered. EIGENSTATE ZERO is the brainchild of Swedish musician Christian Ludvigsson that was born in 2018. Christian’s desire to merge everything from FRANK ZAPPA and DARK TRANQUILLITY to DEATH and jazz culminated in the debut album ‘SENSORY DECEPTION,’ in 2019. Aftering writing a few albums worth of material, Christian finally settled in the north of Sweden and recorded this year’s follow up, ‘MACHINERY OF NIGHT.’ ‘MACHINERY OF NIGHT,’ is an album that represents the extremity of death metal, not only in terms of sheer heaviness, but just how far the genre can be stretched in other ways beyond just piling up never ending heavy riffs on top of each other. Passages of eclectic weirdness wait around every corner, filling up the spaces between all the deathly carnage. This album will immolate you to ashes but upon rising once more, the pieces won’t be put back together the same way.

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