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  • Jason Hesley

Post-Thrash Metal project Primatron releases the progressive new single "One More Usurper"

Primatron, a Brazilian Post-Thrash Metal project with a growing following, has just released her latest "One More Usurper", a powerful and progressive diatribe against lawfare and biased judicial procedures that have plagued institutions in the Brazil.

With its massive guitar riffs, punchy drums, deep vocals and dark melodies, "One More Usurper" is a denunciation of judges and others unelected public servants who abuse their office to exercise influence on politics. Music is a powerful way to revisit acts and procedures that took place in the famous “Operação Lava Jato” and which, due to their long-term consequences, brought Brazil to the brink of a coup d'état. State in the period from 2014 to 2022.

"This is a reminder not to let would-be saviors of the fatherland take over the spotlight nor the power, and the times seem to be particularly propitious for a message like this", according to Diogo W F Pereira, the man behind behind the Primatron. "As the world faces ever-increasing threats to democracy, this is one of the most relevant topics to be discussed in the days of today.

"One More Usurper" is now available on all major platforms streaming, including Spotify and Apple Music. A lyric video is also available. available on YouTube.

Primatron is becoming increasingly known for hard-hitting songs and conscious letters. With "One More Usurper", the project continues to extend push the boundaries of your style and convey an urgent message.

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