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  • Jason Hesley

Paraphilia release "The Memory of Death Given Form"

Paraphilia, a death metal band from the Pacific Northwest, is set to release their debut album, "The Memory of Death Given Form". This album, available in North America through their Bandcamp page and globally through Italy’s Vacation House Recordings, marks a significant entry into the metal scene. The limited edition vinyl features a striking yellow/green splatter design, enhancing the intense auditory experience with a visual treat.

The album is a sophisticated blend of dense riffs and relentless drumming, creating an aural sledgehammer effect that begins with a powerful opening track. Paraphilia’s music is for fans of bands like Hate Eternal, Bloodbath, Deicide, Cryptopsy, and Devourment.

Engineered by SP in Portland, OR, during the spring of 2022 and mixed and mastered by Floor van Kuijk at GLDCHN Studios, this album stands out with its polished production quality.

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