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  • Jason Hesley

Pandora’s Key to release "Yet I Remain"

With esteemed producer Fieke van den Hurk at the controls, ‘Yet I Remain’ represents a new iteration for Pandora’s Key with their heavy and melodic sound. Explosive, punchy songs like “Falls the Shadow” and “Kindling Ire” prove that ‘Yet I Remain’ is the heaviest release to date for Pandora’s Key. Meanwhile, the shimmering soundscapes and multi-layered melodrama of “The Keening” and “Per Ardua” solidify ‘Yet I Remain’ as a both musically and emotionally challenging release. It is an album that explores the connections between seeming contradictions, between walls of sounds and quiet introspection, classical storytelling and primal emotions, violence and beauty. The result is an ambitious entry into melodic metal, threading the line between complexity and catchiness that demands the listener’s engagement.

Evolving from their previous work. Pandora’s Key’s musical and lyrical roots, which can be recognised in the mythical inspirations for “Ariadne” and the upbeat riffs of “Icarus”, keep progressing.

Pandora’s Key have unveiled ‘Yet I Remain’ at a special release show at venue the Mezz in Breda on 27 January 2024. Even though their album explores emotions like grief, apathy and rage, their debut album has Pandora’s Key bursting onto the melodic metal scene with an exuberant celebration of music and passion.

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