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  • Jason Hesley

OV SULFUR Unleashes New Single "Hivemind (feat. Mental Cruelty)" Ahead of Monumental North American "Beyond the Eternal Tour"

In a thrilling display of blackened deathcore prowess, OV SULFUR is proud to announce the release of their latest single "Hivemind," featuring Lukas Nicolai of MENTAL CRUELTY. This release precedes their highly anticipated co-headline "Beyond the Eternal Tour" across North America with MENTAL CRUELTY. “Hive Mind” can be streamed on any of your favorite platforms HERE.

"Hivemind" showcases OV SULFUR's consistent stance against conventional religious narratives and herd mentality, a theme that aligns seamlessly with MENTAL CRUELTY's established defiance in their music. Chase Wilson, OV SULFUR's guitarist, describes the track as a blend of intricate technical riffs and a unique swing, emphasizing its departure from traditional metal norms. "'Hivemind' is Ov Sulfur's rallying cry against the herd mentality that has turned religion from hopeful to hateful for centuries—to the point where it's basically part of its ethos,” Wilson explains. “The song takes a cue from its celebration of avoiding the typical, stylistically, by taking a left-hand path: embracing off-kilter swing in its dramatic chorus, contrasted with some of their most technical riffing. Lukas Nicolai of Mental Cruelty really elevated the brutality. It's an honor to have our Century Media labelmates and fellow blackened deathcore leaders on a song with us ahead of our co-headlining tour across North America."

Lukas Nicolai, MENTAL CRUELTY's vocalist, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: "I said it before and I’m going to say it again: joining Mental Cruelty has been an awesome journey so far. Furthermore, having two Century Media heavy hitters join forces on a co-headline tour in North America is the biggest highlight of this journey so far. I am so stoked to go on tour with the guys in Ov Sulfur, Ghost Bath and Extermination Dismemberment.”

“And now to have the opportunity to feature on 'Hivemind' is a cherry on top. It was really fun to record this one! I can’t wait to go berserk with Ricky live—though I might try to get up there for 'Stained in Rot' haha."

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