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  • Jason Hesley

Out today: Dodenbezweerder - "Als De Hemel Zich Vult Met Apocalyptisch Kopergeschal"

Dodenbezweerder is an experimental black/doom metal band, known for their trancy, sinister music. The album was improvised and recorded by Jouke Grit and Maurice de Jong, mixed and mastered by Maurice de Jong in Drachten. The band's music is for fans of Urfaust, Pa Vesh En, and Black Cilice, and is characterized by a deep obsession with death. This album represents their unique and dark approach to metal music.


  • Jouke Grit: Drums

  • Maurice de Jong: Guitar, Vocals


  1. Opening Of The Sepulchre

  2. Als De Hemel Zich Vult Met Apocalyptisch Kopergeschal

  3. His Wrath

  4. Pierced With Seven Swords Made From Angel Bone

  5. Een Ode Aan Wegkwijning

  6. Opening Of The Gates

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