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  • Jason Hesley

Obsidyen release "Litany Of Iah"

OBSIDYEN is a Black Metal band founded in Albi (81) in 2019. Their first musical attempts revolved around biblical mythologies, before slowly shifting towards the « Ancient Astronaut Theory », popularized by Erich von Däniken in 1968. According to this theory, humanity has been visited by non-human beings in the past. These traumatic anthropological and technological encounters led to the creation of polytheistic religions and myths in antiquity.

OBSIDYEN transcribes these subversive subjects through massive and powerful riffs, coupled with liturgical cold melodies, resulting in an atmospheric harmony that adventures the listener into the lands of the past, the stars and beyond.

The band released their first self-produced album, "ANTEDILUVIAN SCRIPTUM" in 2020, with subjects including Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures, the Old Testament or the myth of Atlantis.

Very soon after the release of this first album, Omega has created a mythological trilogy based on the "Cult of the Serpent" around the world.

The first episode, scheduled for late 2023, is called "LITANY OF IAH", and takes place in ancient Egypt.

The album, whose artwork was designed by Macchabée Artworks, was produced by Omega, then mixed and mastered by Nikos Palivos (Haunting Studios).

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