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  • Jason Hesley

New Single: Dethonator drop 'Donington'

Dethonator is a heavy metal band that has been active in the UK metal and rock venue circuit since 2009. The band chose the name for the sake of directness in expressing who they are. They recently released Donington as a charity single via Bandcamp, with all money going directly to the MS International Federation. Dethonator's music is melodic metal, with a focus on vocal and lead guitar melodies. The riffs tend to have a fair bit of thrash in them and songwriting is a little bit prog. There are nods to extreme metal in the mix as well. The band's goal is to make anthemic songs, rather than checking through subgenre-based tick-lists or replicating classic sounds. Dethonator has recorded four LPs and one EP to date, including one concept album, and they are currently writing their fifth LP for intended release in late 2024. The band aspires to a standard of professional conduct on the circuit and has invested in high-quality equipment and good transportation for UK and European shows and tours.

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