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  • Jason Hesley

New album from the Canadian metal band Pronostic...!!!

Pronostic defines itself as a melodic death metal band but with a wide spectrum of musical influences. 
That same fusion of styles can be heard on the albums and brings a balance between brutality and emotions.
It is a reflection of the lives and experiences of the band members and it gets more profound musically and lyrically with the newer releases.

You identify yourself with a song not only for the melody but often for the words. Our lyrics revolve around  life’s events and emotions we all experience.
What better than to talk about feelings when you are heartbroken, to express your frustration when you have been deceived.
Reflexion and well-chosen words are often more effective than great speeches that do not reach us.

Most of us are mainly from small towns around Montreal.
The band has been on the scene for 12 years now. 
We want to surround ourselves with even more people who will help us showcase our talent on a larger scale.   This is why Pronostic will always have something surprising to offer you. 

At the beginning of the adventure, in 2008 the group was called Warfare; a trio of young students sharing the same passion for hard metal.
It was not until 2010 that the group decided to take a more professional path and record a first album, Deviated Inner Spectrum, with the help of Mathieu Marcotte (Angury). The birth of Pronostic.
The definition of this word reads: Judgment made by a doctor (after diagnosis) on the duration and outcome of an illness. In our case it is rather: keep on going no matter the outcome of a situation. Prognosis can be wrong.

When this first album was released, the enthusiasm was already there. In addition, the group shares the stage with several big bands such as: Dying Feotus, Beyond Creation and Anonymus.
In 2015, Pronostic joined a great metal producer, Christian Donaldson, recognized for the big titles he has mixed (Shadow of Intent, Crytopsy, Beyond Creation, The Agonist).
With the release of the second album, An Atomic Decision, we really felt that our vision was materializing.
Regional tours and shows are on the agenda. Special show on Deathmetal at TVBL where we perform, discuss and exchange with the columnist. Videos and written interviews were part of the agenda.

Then we stopped for a while and the society also unfortunately .... the question then arose and was quickly answered:  kee on going!
We added elements never heard before both in our music and our vocals. Chris helped us greatly in the achievement of our project.
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