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  • Jason Hesley

Necrowretch Streaming New Album!

Swords of Dajjal is out February 2, 2024.

Swords of Dajjal still lays the hammer. Lead single "Numidian Knowledge" churns through a corpse-grinding riff while beating you over the head with non-stop fills from new drummer Nicolas Destroyer. But even though their previous albums were devoted to Satan, this time around, Necrowretch sold their whole soul to the devil. Heck, this album isn't just named after the Islamic Antichrist. That's Dajjal on the cover, staring back at you with those cutting, soulless eyes.

"Ave Ingirozoglezim" Vlad erupts on "Dii Mauri", conjuring riffs that churn and whip with the fury of a sandstorm. 

Clearly, Necrowretch still play blindingly fast. But Swords of Dajjal is just as deadly when shifted into a more brooding gear. Where the band used to spend only a few days in the recording studio, they spent three years on this album, sharpening everything from Vlad's signature shriek all the way down to the guitar tones. A molten crunch of reverb opens a fiery pit to hell on "Kasar Al-Kufar", which erupts into a solo that's so memorable, it'll haunt your nightmares. 

Vae Victis !

"Debout les morts!" Necrowretch says. "Today marks the release of Swords of Dajjal, our blackest opus to date. It took us many years to craft this unholy manifest, but it will take only seconds to bring you eternal doom ! Listen to it at full volume, stream, share, get it from your local death dealer and enjoy every damn part before you rot in Hell!

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